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Past and Present Projects of the Coos SWCD

New Culvert
New Culvert
The Coos Soil and Water Conservation District works with local farmers, ranchers, and other landowners to improve their properties. The Coos Soil and Water provides technical assistance to improve water quality by helping landowners improve their land by implementing restoration projects that decrease soil erosion, decrease nutrients and bacteria from entering a waterway, improving fish habitat, fish passage, use less water, and to allow for farmers to better manage their lands. The Coos SWCD works with funding agencies for example Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) to help landowners afford projects which include culvert replacement, riparian fencing and planting, stream bank erosion stabilization, irrigation efficiency, and putting in wood and boulders to improve fish habitat.

Riparian Fences
We help landowners afford to build riparian fences that exclude livestock from the creeks. The fences allow for eroded banks to heal themselves and also allows for the chance to establish a new riparian area by planting trees and shrubs for example: Spruce, Cedar, Alder, Maple, and Ash.

Large Wood Placement
Trees and logs are put into streams and rivers to provide habitat for fish by scouring pools, allowing for gravel collection and retention, and holding carcasses in the system to provide nutrients for newly hatched fish.

K-line irrigation
The Coos SWCD helps landowners install new irrigation systems for example k-line irrigation which uses up to 70% less water to irrigate their pastures compared to conventional methods.

Boulder weir
Construction of boulder weirs in streams and rivers to improve fish habitat. These weirs allow for the collection of gravel that fish need to build the nests (redds) in and lay their eggs. Boulder weirs are usually constructed in stretches of the river that are primarily bedrock.

Nose Pump
When a riparian fence is built with the purpose of excluding livestock, other forms of supplying water to them are needed. Nose pumps and stock tanks are put in so landowners can still meet the needs for their livestock.

Replacing a Plugged Culverts
The Coos SWCD works with funding sources like OWEB, willing landowners, ODFW, the county, local engineers and contractors to try to fix problems like this. This culvert was a barrier to fish and it was eroding the bank and was compromising the road. The replacement of this culvert was a win-win for the fish and the landowner.

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