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Q: What can the Coos SWCD do for you?

A: The Watershed Technical Specialist for the Coos SWCD is willing to help you with your soil and water quality concerns. This includes technical assistance over the phone, site visits, grant writing, permit writing, monitoring, designing farm plans, soil reports, soil tests and much more!

Coos Soil & Water Conservation District is a non-regulatory agency that can help local landowners.

Do you have projects that need to be done around your farm or ranch?  Not sure where to start?  Here are some projects we have helped with.

Fencing and cross fencing
Off-channel watering
Riparian planting & buffers
Irrigation efficiency upgrades
Culvert/ bridge crossing
Manure storage facility
Heavy use area
Noxious and invasive weed removal

Other options:
Energy efficiency upgrades
Road & sediment upgrades and abatements
Strip grazing

We are always looking for creative an innovative ideas.

For more information, contact  or call 541-396-6879.

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